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Command Master Chief

Command Master Chief


Welcome aboard!  I hope you feel the excitement that I have every day for the important mission we have at TRACEN Yorktown – preparing tomorrow’s workforce!  Whether you serve as an instructor or perform a support function, all of us are part of an intricate system of daily activities designed to help individuals build on previous layers of experience and learning so that they can perform their jobs with confidence.  I would add that we do this not only for “A” and “C” school students, but also for international students, as well as units where one of our teams travels to provide on-site evaluation and assistance in helping them better execute their missions.

As the Command Master Chief for TRACEN Yorktown, one of my most important jobs is to ensure everyone is able, equipped, and motivated to do their part in that intricate system of daily activities.  You have my commitment to work diligently to that end.  So I have a few things that I must ask of you, whether military, civilian, or contractor:

Remember that every job is important – no matter how simple or complex, do it to the absolute best of your ability!  Whether you are on a podium in front of students every day, or whether you work in a cubicle, we need each person to see their job as critical, because it is.

Be a good example – it inspires others and you’ll feel proud!  We should all strive to give our best not only in our professional example, but also in our personal example.  For those of us who are military, that includes our uniforms and adherence to military customs and courtesies!

Don’t sniper shoot – if you are frustrated with a policy, person, or procedure, be a shipmate and talk it through with the right people!  People won’t always agree and you won’t always get it your way, but we can always choose to work together to do what is best for the TRACEN!  It’s easy to sit back and put someone or something in the crosshairs and fire away, but instead, we must have the courage to use our chain of command and handle things respectfully and professionally.

Consistency, clarity, and communication – these are my fundamental priorities for every aspect of what we do at TRACEN Yorktown.  As your Command Master Chief, thanks for partnering with me to not only accomplish our mission but to also enjoy doing it as we do.  I am here for you – and I look forward to working with you!


Last Modified 1/12/2016