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   FY 15 Complete list of Courses and Schedulers 

Please contact our Customer Service Line between the hours of 0800-1600 (EST) if you are unable to reach your assigned course scheduler.

Customer Service Line: (757) 366-6583

 Fax: (757) 366-6575


LCDR A. Ramassini
(757) 366-6580

Commanding Officer

Pre-arrival Command Cadre CO / XO / OINC / XPO Afloat, Command Assignment Preparation Training

LTJG C. Powers
(757) 366-6581

Executive Officer

Pre-Arrival OPS/WEPS Afloat, Sector Dept Head/Sector Command Cadre, CWOPD

MCPO L. Dupree
(757) 366-6582

Command Master Chief

YNCS R. Clerkin
(757) 523-6823

Floor Supervisor

CPO and CPO-R Academy, USCG and Joint Service Senior Enlisted Leadership Academies

 Operations Department

PO K. Hux
(757) 366-6587

GM Pre Arrival

Mr. B. Forstner
(757) 413-7351

BM Pre Arrival
Mr. C. Transue
(757) 366-6584

ICS Courses and Fisheries

Mr. A. Stafford
(757) 413-7278

CWO Pre Arrival, Auxiliary, and Marine Safety Ashore

PO E. Renick
(757) 366-6544

PO C. Miller
(757) 366-6574

OS Pre Arrival

Mr. R. Hargrove
(757) 523-6751


PO P. Morales
(757) 413-7492

26' TANB Coxswain, RB-S Coxswain, Reserve RB-S

 Mission Support Department

PO B. Holland
(757) 579-6275

ET Pre Arrival

Ms. S. Sonsteng
(757) 413-7279

Executive Leadership/ LAMS

PO J. Baldwin
(757) 366-6585


PO A. Martin
(757) 579-6172

Public Affairs, Legal, HAZMAT, FPD, and Contractor
PO D. Dauphinais
(757) 579-6202

DCA, DC and EM Pre Arrival

Ms. K. Pedras
(757) 366-6573

MK, IT Pre Arrival and Command Cadre

PO K. Dale
(757) 366-6571

Intelligence Courses, CGIS, and Security

Ms. J. Sanchez
(757) 579-6285


PO J. Milinichik
(757) 366-6578

Health & Safety