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SMTC Mission Statement:

SMTC develops and delivers training and training materials to improve performance, support safety, proficiency and standardization for the tactical communities we serve.

SMTC Vision Statement:

SMTC is the Coast Guard’s Deployable Specialized Forces and Tactical Boat Operations High Risk Training Center of Excellence through strict adheres to applicable Coast Guard directives and methodologies and continuously pursues the standards necessary for Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation.

We will prepare and support personnel to serve in the execution of the Coast Guard’s Maritime Security and Expeditionary missions.  We will ensure strict adherence to a set of principles that guide us in safely and professionally conducting our mission.

is our first consideration and the first priority in everything that we do.  It is the final arbiter for every decision and will be integrated into our products and ethos.

Professionalism will be our reputation.  Every product we develop, student we instruct, and coworker or person that we interact with, will be dealt with in a professional manner with respect, dignity and integrity.

Standardization throughout the communities we serve is paramount for operational success.  It begins with strict adherence to well defined and documented standards that we follow, promulgate and measure against in performing our mission.

Proficiency is what we do, it defines us.  Our desire for proficiency is second place only to our mandate for safety.  As a Center of Excellence, we are only as good as our individual and collective levels of proficiency.  Every person on staff has an obligation to be the best at what they do, a student of their craft, an expert.  Likewise, every leader must define and support a path, to an even higher level of proficiency, for those they serve.

Commitment to unit is our path to success.  Each individual person and department must understand their role and how it is connected to the success of the larger unit.  We are all equally important and your shipmates’ success is equally as important as your own.

Last Modified 1/12/2016