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Pay & Personnel Center (PPC)
Mission, Vision & Organizational Values


PPC provides caring and responsive personnel and compensation services for all Coast Guard military members, retirees, annuitants and other customers in support of the Department of Homeland Security missions.


We are the premier military pay & personnel resource, providing unsurpassed service to our nation's guardians.

Organizational Values

  • Customer First: PPC exists to deliver products and services. To be successful we must understand who our customers are, both external and internal, and maintain a helpful and courteous attitude toward them. We must satisfy them, ensuring the products and services we provide are what they need, and that they are timely, accurate, and complete.

  • Committed to Employees: All of us at PPC are part of one team. We work together to ensure the success of each other, PPC, and the programs we support. We will continually strive to become an employer of choice with a highly qualified workforce.

  • Stewardship, Integrity and Community: We provide critical functions for the Coast Guard. We will be sensitive to the cost and quality of services we provide. We must be the most effective and efficient means of providing pay and human resource services to the Coast Guard.
Last Modified 1/19/2016