Direct Access Portal Introduction

A New Look for Direct Access

A small portion of the portal home page

It seems like only yesterday that we went live with our web-based HR system. It was called the Guard Human Resources Management System (CGHRMS). That was 31 July 2001. In e-Mail ALPERSRU message P/01 we said:

"CGHRMS is being upgraded to the latest version of PeopleSoft Human Resources Management software. It is a thin client, HTML-based application. All functions are accessed over the intranet (CGWEB) using a web browser. No software, beyond the Coast Guard Standard Workstation bundle, is required to be installed on the client computer. Self-Service, PERSRU and Unit applications all use the same interface."

Not long after the implementation we started calling the system Direct Access, but not much else about the look and feel of the system has changed. Nine years is a long, long time for a computer interface to go without improvement. Oracle (the vendor for our PeopleSoft HR system) has made significant progress in improving the product's usability. They've introduced a new interface that's friendlier and easier to navigate. Our first step in upgrading Direct Access to the current version of PeopleSoft is to implement the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal.

A Preview of the New Interface

The Direct Access user interface will be updated late next month with the implementation of the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal.

Self-Service and Command users will have one-click access to the applications they use most frequently.

Portal Self-Service Menu links
Above: Portal menus provide users with one-click access to tasks and information.

Assignment Officers, users at Servicing Personnel Offices and others with more than Self-Service or Command access will find the old Direct Access cascading style menus have been replaced with the new Enterprise Menu.

The Enterprise menu expands to show the full Direct Access menu paths
Above: The Enterprise Menu retains Direct Access organization and menu paths.

Below: The familiar "bread crumbs" are also carried over into the portal and are enhanced by a folder-style view.

After leaving the enterprise menu the view changes to the Direct Access bread crumbs and folder view

The portal's web address (URL) is https://portal.direct-access.us/.

Like Direct-Access, the portal is accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

MyPortalDirect Navigation Demos and Guides

The following video-demos and quick reference guides demonstrate just how easy it is to get around in the new portal:

Use the Correct Links to Access Your Worklist

With the implementation of the portal we are running two versions of PeopleSoft (8.0 & 9.1). Version 8.0 is no longer supported and we are in the process of migrating Coast Guard applications and data to version 9.1. The portal ties both of these versions together. However, there has been some confusion. Many users have contacted us about their worklist. They receive system generated e-mails informing them of a new entry on their worklist, but when they access the system the worklist is blank. This is because the application that generated the worklist entry is a version 8.0 application (Employee Review, Reserve Orders, Reserve IDT Drills, Employee Entitlements are all examples of version 8.0 applications) but the user has accessed the version 9.1 worklist. Please be sure you are accessing the version 8.0 worklist by using the "Direct Access Worklist" link in the "Common Links" box, which appears just above the Enterprise Menu on the portal home page. There are more links to the 8.0 worklist available as illustrated in the graphic below.

Links to old DA worklist

Timeout and Password Reset Issues

PPC is aware of time out issues within MyPortalDirect and the Forgot my password option. If you continue to have timeout issues for Direct Access (DA) transactions, please use the "Direct Access Content" link under the Enterprise menu. For Forgot my Password issues, please submit a help ticket from the PPC Customer Care web page with a description of the step you are taking, and the text of the error received so we can investigate further.

Removal of Email Delivery Option for DA Reports

The ability to have reports delivered via email will soon be removed from the Direct Access system. This change is necessary to prevent personally identifiable information (PII) from being sent to non-government email accounts. If you are a user of any of the following reports you should familiarize yourself with Using the Process Scheduler Web Option to view, print, or save your reports.

  1. Print Dependency Data By Unit
  2. Print Emergency Contact Data for Unit
  3. Print Emergency Contact Information By Employee ID
  4. Leave Delete Report
  5. Travel Charge Card Report
  6. ASQ Status Report
  7. Assignment System Reports
  8. Print the Member Counseling Report (EER)
  9. Disciplinary Action Report/Printing Disciplinary Actions
  10. Competency/Qualifications Report
  11. Personnel Data Information File Report (PDIF)
  12. Printing DD-4/Agreement to Extend/Reenlist
  13. Unit Roster (Spreadsheet)
  14. BAH Dependency Form Print Procedure
  15. Reserve Orders Information Report

Basic Information for All Users

The MyPortalDirect launch page provides an overview of the Direct Access Portal interface and instructions for navigating the system.

The Change Email Address page provides the procedure for entering or updating your system e-mail address.

The Pay & Personnel Center Direct-Access and T-PAX Password Assistance page provides step-by-step procedures for setting up the forgotten password reset feature in Direct Access.

Tech Refresh and Global Payroll User Guides

The Tech Refresh is series of technology refresh projects designed to facilitate the transition to the newer version of PeopleSoft software (Migrating from version 8.0-"Direct Access I" to version 9.1- "Direct Access II"). This transition will culminate with the implementation of PeopleSoft Global Payroll replacing the Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS).

Download Plug-Ins
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