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PPC Advancements and Evaluations Branch


Advancement certificates for pay grades E2 through E6 are done locally on SWSIII in the U. S. Coast Guard Adobe Forms program.

Certificates for promotion to warrant are done at CGPSC (opm).

The certificates for advancements to CPO, SCPO, and MCPO are completed by the PPC (adv) staff following completion of the Active Duty EPAAs and the Reserve ERAAs. The actual production of the certificates begins prior to release of the EPAA and/or ERAA from CGPSC-epm-1 or CGPSC-rpm. Once the EPAA and/or ERAA appear on CGMS (Coast Guard Message System), a comparison is then made between the certificates produced and any changes made to the EPAA and/or ERAA by CGPSC. Normally, the processes of producing, verifying, and the actual mailing of the certificates are completed four working days following release of the message. The certificates are then mailed to the membersí units for appropriate presentations on date of advancement. On occasion, PPC (adv) receives telephone calls and/or e-mails one or two days prior to the advancement date informing us that the certificate has not been received. Although this occurs very rarely, it is often enough that we have posted this blank certificate and MCPOCG letter (Revised 03 June 2015) containing the verbiage, whereby the unit can fill in the blanks and have the appropriate words while awaiting the receipt of the original. We sincerely hope you will never need to use this method, however it is being posted, as a ready resource should that unfortunate event occur. Thank you!

Additional useful information -- With the exception of Recruiting Offices, PPC (adv) sends certificates only to those units having an officer on their Personnel Allowance List (PAL). PPC (adv) verifies if there is an officer on the unit OPFACís PAL. If there is an officer PAL, the certificate is sent directly to memberís OPFAC address. If there is not an officer assigned, the certificate is sent directly to the Operational Commanderís OPFAC, for an officer of that command to make an appropriate presentation. This prevents us from mailing the certificate directly to the OIC of a Station, for example, and the newly advanced Master Chief simply receiving the certificate in the mail, with no appropriate presentation/pinning ceremony. OICs (not the person being advanced) may wish the certificate be forwarded from other site if his/her desire is to present the certificate.

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Servicewide Exam Sequence of Events

Background: Many procedures must be followed to make a service wide cycle successful. Below is a general overview of the sequence of events that must occur. For details and specific dates of these events, refer to the references and ALCGENL or ALPERSCOM Messages announcing the particular SWE cycle.


     (a)  Personnel Manual, COMDTINST M1000.6 (series), Chap. 5.C & 10.B
     (b)  Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series), Chap. 7.C

For more information regarding SWE cycle process please check PPCINST M1418.1(series).

Step Action
1 Member meets advancement eligibility requirements outlined in Chapter 5-C of reference (a).
2 Commanding Officer recommends member for advancement on latest Employee Review as per Chapter 10-B of reference (a).
3 Unit receives ALCGENL or ALPERSCOM message announcing the upcoming SWE. Unit passes message info on EOCT and SWE waivers, time line, and other important message data to members.
4 PPC (adv) mails PDE to the members unit. Corrections to PDE are initiated by member and completed by unit and PERSRU.
5 Member follows up to ensure that PDE corrections are reflected in Direct-Access prior to PDE Correction Deadline Date.
6 Unit notifies PPC//ADV// via message of any waiver requests, changes to Exam Board OPFAC and changes of eligibility status of members prior to PDE Correction Deadline Date.
7 PPC (adv) sends SWE tests and instructions to the SWE Officer of the exam board unit.
8 SWE Officer follows handling procedures in Chapter 5-D-4 of reference (a), and notifies PPC (adv) of any missing or incorrect exams.
9 SWE Officer administers SWE and follows pre and post-test handling procedures provided in administrator's booklet and in Chapter 5-D of reference (a).
10 PPC (adv) scans test answer sheets and uploads scores to Direct-Access for inclusion into members final multiple score.
11 PPC (adv) ensures Profile Letters containing exam score, and final multiple score are mailed to members unit.
12 CGPSC (epm) or (rpm) releases the Advancement Eligibility List and cutoffs.
13 CGPSC (epm) or (rpm) releases monthly Advancement Announcement Messages with the names of members authorized to promote on the first day of the upcoming month.
14 PPC (adv) completes advancements in the pay and personnel system and completes and forwards CPO Certificates to E7's and above.

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