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Child Care Subsidy Program


Since July 2006, the child care subsidy program has supported Coast Guard families by reducing out of pocket expenses for off-base child care. In 2012, the program expanded to provide assistance to additional active duty members, and reserve members on active duty orders for 180 consecutive days, by increasing the total family income (TFI) ceiling to $100,000, and by lowering the work qualifications for the spouse/partner from full-time to 20 hours per week. In addition, the program increased the eligibility time for a spouse/partner to be pursuing employment and/or school enrollment from 60 days to 90 days.

Today, the child care subsidy program is even more accessible to Coast Guard families. All Coast Guard active duty families and families of reserve members on active duty orders for 180 consecutive days, regardless of total family income, can apply for the child care subsidy program. The amount of maximum subsidy for each income category has been sustained at the 2012 levels, and will follow these guidelines for the remainder of FY13:

TFI Category

1st child

2nd child

3rd child

$0 - $29,865 dollars $7800 $6800 $6800
$29,866 - $36,264 $6630 $5630 $5630
$36,265 - $46,930 $5320 $4320 $4320
$46,931 - $58,662 $4800 $4800 $4800
$58,663 - $74,661 $4020 $3020 $3020
$74,662 - $86,343 $3240 $2240 $2240
$86,344 - $101,580 $2560 $1560 $1560
$101,581 - $126,975 $1680 $ 680 $ 680
$126,976 and more $ 900 $ 0 $ 0






Primary focus continues on providing assistance to members with lower TFI; however, expanding funding enables additional Coast Guard families to balance the competing demands of family life and the Coast Guard.

To qualify for a child care subsidy, the active duty member can be a single parent, have a spouse/partner that is employed a minimum of 20 hours a week, or is a full time student. Verification procedures include the submission of a subsidy application, a copy of military ID or active duty orders, a copy of the most current federal tax return, a copy of the most current leave and earning statement, a copy of the spouse’s/partner’s pay statement and/or student school schedule, provider application, and a copy of the child care center/provider license.

Active duty members enrolling children into DoD child care centers and/or Coast Guard sponsored child care centers are not eligible to receive child care subsidies. Subsidies are provided directly to DoD annually to offset the cost of DoD child care fees for all Coast Guard children enrolled in DoD child development centers.

There is a 90-day exception for families where the spouse/partner is pursuing employment or school enrollment; however, a request for an exception to policy must be submitted by the family, along with the application to Government Services Administration (GSA), in order to qualify.

GSA will continue to provide administrative support to Coast Guard members participating in the child care subsidy program. To access specific program information and the application packet you can go on-line to or call GSA directly at (866) 508-0371. The Coast Guard POC for this program is Mr. Ken O’Meara, Child Development Services Program Manager at (202) 475-5160, or Kenneth.R.O’ You may also contact the Health, Safety, and Work Life Service Center POC, Ms. Linda Smith, at 757-628-4777 or email

Rear Admiral D. A. Neptun

Rear Admiral, USCG
Assistant Commandant for Human Resources

Issue date: 5/15/13

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