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Sea Partners

The Sea Partners program is a proactive education and outreach program that targets children, the general public, and the maritime community. It encourages individuals to take responsibility for protection of the marine environment. Sea Partners can assist you in your Compass activities by providing activities, materials, and classroom topics to which children can relate. If you would like to use Sea Partners materials and/or resources please contact the program office.

Academy Admissions Partner

The primary role of the Academy Admissions Partner is to refer young people with an interest in attending the U.S. Coast Guard Academy to Admissions.
Academy Admissions Partners choose their level of volunteer commitment. Typically, Academy Admissions Partners volunteer 10-16 hours of their time per year. There is an online mandatory training course as well as a basic background check required to participate in this program. Academy Admissions Partners work locally doing student outreach. The need for new Academy Admissions Partners is reviewed annually, to coincide with the college recruiting cycle.

Coast Academy Admissions

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Last Modified 12/9/2014