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LEAD Council Selection Process

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Who can apply?

Any Coast Guard member may apply (Active Duty, Reserve, Auxiliary, Civilian, Contractor, NAF, etc.).

What is expected of a LEAD member?

LEAD members are expected to attend semi-annual meetings in Washington, DC where the council will review new issues for applicability, conduct initial issue research, and present past research to the Commandant. Between meetings, LEAD members will perform research on specific issues to deem their impact on the fleet and to draft recommendations to correct them. Members should expect to spend approximately one hour a week working on LEAD material.

LEAD members are also expected to liaise with the units around them regarding what the LEAD is doing and solicit for concerns that Coast Guard members feel should be addressed by the LEAD.

Members who miss two or more meetings will be dismissed from the LEAD.

How do I apply?

Active duty, reserve, and civilian members should submit a memo that details why you want to join the LEAD. This memo should include a job history and an endorsement from your commanding officer. Click here for an example.

Auxiliary members may submit a business letter explaining why they want to join the LEAD, a job history, and an endorsement from their District Commodore.  Click here for an example.

Any application without an endorsement will not be considered.

Where do I submit my application?

The preferred method is for packets to be scanned and emailed to LT Susan Arbeiter. Packets may also be sent by mail:

WASHINGTON DC 20593-7907

When will the Selection Board meet?

Next meeting date TBD

How can I find the selection results?

Selection results will be sent out via ALCOAST and will be posted on this site.

What happens if I'm selected as an alternate?

Alternates will be picked up if a current member resigns or is dismissed from the council. Alternates selected to become permanent members will be contacted by a member of the Leadership or Diversity Staff. Alternate status only lasts until the next Selection Board where they must resubmit a package in order to be considered.

Who can I contact with questions?

Questions about the LEAD may be sent to LT Susan Arbeiter, (202) 475-5248.


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