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Commonly Claimed Expenses Education Services Officer

CG Foundation Grants pay for many education related expenses, this list is not all-inclusive. Final determination for what is authorized rests with the Commanding Officer, CG Institute.

Expense Authorized Not Authorized
Laboratory fees, Studio fees, Graduation fees, Course Internet fees. Authorized  
Application/Entrance/Enrollment (unless these fees are identified by the school as "fees in lieu of tuition") Authorized  
Consumables (pens, notebooks, highlighters, etc.) Authorized  
Late Registration fees, Class Withdrawal fees   Not Authorized
Record Maintenance fees, Student Activity/Student ID Authorized  
Membership of Society dues/fees   Not Authorized
General Technology fees, Parking fees, Transcript fees, Dissertation/Oral Exams Authorized  
Text books, manuals and study guides Authorized  
Taxes & shipping for authorized expenses (i.e. books) Authorized  
Non-consumables (memory sticks, ink cartridges, clothing items, etc.)   Not Authorized
Software available on the CG workstation or at the learning institution. (i.e. Microsoft Office, Excel, etc.)   Not Authorized
Some non-traditional courses (case by case basis) Authorized  
Non-credit aviation classes , boat towing license, firefighting Authorized  
Class specific requirements such as software, calculators or stethoscope. Student must provide syllabus with application showing the item is required for the course. Authorized  
Foreign language software such as Rosetta Stone Authorized  
Internet connection fee for home use   Not Authorized
Computer equipment or peripherals (printer, ink, monitor, laptop, hard dive, etc.) Camera & tripod   Not Authorized
Tuition paid by student loans that are not in payback status (student is not making payment on loan yet)   Not Authorized
Personal Fitness Trainer Cert Authorized  
GRE and LSAT exams Authorized  
(DANTES pays for these exams)
  Not Authorized
Motor vehicle/motorcycle safety courses (for information on programs go to USCG Human Resources - Motor Vehicle Safety   Not Authorized
Last Modified 1/12/2016