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Library Unit Course Ordering Education Services Officer
TACCTS Course Order
  • Login to TACCTS and select Course Support & Testing
  • Select library inventory
  • The Course Support & Testing Order page will offer two options.order eoct
  • Select course order to order EOCT course materials.
  • Select Course Order and the Course Order Request screen will open.
    Enter the member's EMPLID into EMPLID Where Order Is To Be Mailed.
    Select the course you want to order from the Course dropdown menu.
    Select Submit button.course order request
  • In the ESO - Member Details section, make sure all information is correct. Only the emails addresses can by edited by you. If anything else is incorrect, contact the CST Division.order eoct form
  • In the Order Type dropdown menu, library units should always select Course Material Only.
    eoct order form
  • In the Course Material Shipping Address section, you can enter any address where the member wants to receive the course materials including their home address. eoct order form
  • Disregard the address in the Test Material Shipping Address section, as only course material will be sent.
    eoct order form
  • Once complete, click the submit button.
Last Modified 1/12/2016