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Health, Safety & Work-Life Directorate

Office of Work-Life Programs -
Family Advocacy Program

 Domestic Violence Awareness

Emergency services may also be accessed
24 hours a day, seven days a week via the
CG SUPRT Program toll free number
855-CGSUPRT (247-8778).

Promotional Materials

Child Abuse Prevention and Neglect flyer

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month flyer

child and father saluting each other

Who is Eligible for this Program?
The Family Advocacy Program is available to the following personnel:

Purpose of Program
The Family Advocacy Program is a Congressionally-mandated (Chapter 10 United States Code Section 1058) program that addresses prevention, identification, reporting, investigation, and treatment of intimate partner and child maltreatment and assigns responsibilities for a coordinated community response within the Coast Guard in collaboration with services outside the Coast Guard. Services are provided to minimize the occurrence of maltreatment and to support Coast Guard commands by retaining productive members.

Program Confidentiality
All discussions between a person using the Family in Need of Services program under the Family Advocacy Program and the Family Advocacy Specialist are strictly confidential. Discussions between a person using Family Advocacy Program maltreatment services, where the person has not qualified for the restricted reporting option, are confidential with the following exceptions:

All discussions between a victim of intimate partner maltreatment who has been provided the restricted reporting option and the Family Advocacy Specialist are strictly confidential as long as the victim or other involved persons are not in imminent danger of serious harm.

Reporting Options

The following definitions apply to the Family Advocacy Program:

Services and Resources Available
The following services and resources are available within the Family Advocacy Program:

Requesting Services or Resources
These services or resources can be obtained by contacting the Family Advocate Specialist at your Regional Work-Life Staff. Work-Life Staffs are located at Health, Safety and Work-Life Regional Practices throughout the Coast Guard.

Related Program Information
Where possible victims of intimate partner violence can request and receive the Restricted Reporting option (see definition above) so they can receive needed services without initiating the requirement that the member’s command and Coast Guard Investigative Service be notified. See Intimate Partner Maltreatment (IPM) Reporting Options brochure for more information (on CG Portal - search: HSWL SC; path Divisions > Work-Life Division > Family Advocacy Program > Tools and Resources).

Program References
The following references provide details of the Family Advocacy Program:

List of resources regarding Child Abuse and Victims of Domestic Violence

Point of Contact
If you are unable to contact the Family Advocacy Specialist at the Health, Safety and Work-Life Regional Practice Office in your area, or need additional assistance beyond the information provided here, please contact Mr. Young Hoang at (202) 475-5161 or email at

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