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TQC Phone List

1430-D Kristina Way, Chesapeake, VA 23326
Duty Phone: (757)366-6583 (Hours: 0800-1600)
Please only use duty phone if you have difficulty in contacting the POC listed.
FAX: (757) 366-6575
Click on selected name below for direct e-mail


LCDR A. Ramassini
(757) 366-6580
Pre-arrival Command Cadre CO / XO / OINC / XPO Afloat, Command Assignment Preparation Training
LTJG C. Powers
(757) 366-6581

Pre-arrival OPS/WEPS/EO Afloat, Sector Commander/Department Head Courses, Senior Enlisted Leadership Academies

 Operations Department

MCPO L. Dupree
(757) 366-6582
Aviation Maintenance & Aeronautical Engineering
Pilot: Aircraft Simulator & Aviation Safety
PO B. Holland
(757) 579-6275
Pre-Arrival GM, Dive Program, K-9 Training
Mr. B. Forstner
(757) 413-7351
Pre-Arrival OS, Deepwater Coordinator, WLB&WLM ISCS Ops & Nav
Mr. C. Transue
(757) 366-6584
ICS Courses
Mr. A. Stafford
(757) 413-7278
Pre-Arrival CWO, Marine Safety and Inspection Courses
PO E. Farr
(757) 366-6544
PO C. Miller
(757) 366-6574
Pre-Arrival BM, Maritime SAR Planning, ATON,  SAR, Fisheries
Mr. Robert Hargrove
(757) 523-6751
Enlisted Aircrew schools, Emergency Egress, Low Pressure Chamber & Aviation Hazmat
PO P. Morales
(757) 413-7492
CG Auxiliary, 26' TANB Coxswain, RB-S Coxswain, Reserve RB-S

 Mission Support Department

PO P. Bagwell
(757) 366-6587
CDAR, Civil Rights
Ms. S. Sonsteng
(757) 413-7279
Executive Leadership, LAMS, Aviation Safety and PATFORSWA Coordinator
PO T. Lee
(757) 366-6585
Pre-Arrival MK
PO A. Brendelson
(757) 579-6172
Procurement, Centralized Supply, FPD, ARMY Courses, Transportation of Hazmat
PO D. Tuss
(757) 579-6202
Pre-Arrival DC and EM
Ms. K. Pedras
(757) 366-6573
Pre-Arrival ET, IT, and ME,  Boat Forces Command Cadre
PO S. Bell
(757) 366-6571
Health and Safety, Intelligence Courses, CGIS, and Security
Ms. J. Sanchez
(757) 579-6285
Aviation, AMT, AET, AST
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