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The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 mandated the creation of a national database of response resources that would be maintained by the National Strike Force Coordination Center (NSFCC) located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

This voluntary equipment database known as the Response Resource Inventory (RRI) was developed in conjunction with the Coast Guard’s Research and Development Center.  The NSFCC began using this DOS based system in 1993.  Industry provided their resource lists to the NSFCC to be incorporated into a database of all response resources.

The RRI was expanded to accommodate the needs of the Oil Spill Removal Organizations (OSROs) Classification initiative in 1995.  OSROs are classified based on the times that they can reach a specific Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) Zone/Sector or alternate classification city (ACC) within a COTP/Sector.

January 5th, 2009 the NSFCC in conjunction with the Coast Guard’s Operations Support Center (OSC) located in Martinsburg, West Virginia released the upgraded RRI system to a web-based application.

Response resource data includes information on equipment sites, skimmers, transfer pumps, boom, portable storage, dispersants, dispersant delivery systems, firefighting equipment, beach cleaners, oil water separators, vacuum systems, vessels, trained personnel, and support equipment.

The database is fully operational for mechanical OSRO classification. The upgraded application has made it easier for the user to enter their resources and obtain OSRO mechanical classifications more efficiently.  Customers seeking an OSRO classification will immediately know what their projected classifications are once they have entered their information into the database.

US Coast Guard personnel have the ability to view and manipulate RRI reports via Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement (MISLE). This capability has increased the national response posture by granting individual COTP zones the ability to quickly access OSRO information in their AOR.  Other government agencies can request access through the NSFCC to the RRI administrative site to see the response equipment in their area or across the country.  The NSFCC is committed to making every effort to increase functionality of this program by training personnel, providing user support, and incorporating feedback to facilitate mission success.

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