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DESMI 250 Skimmer

The DESMI 250 is a versatile skimmer which can be used to recover floating oil while deployed from a vessel or land.   It can also be adapted for use as a submersible pump for removing oil from a ship or barge.  The skimmer uses a weir type device to shave the oil from the water's surface into a containment box where it is vacuumed out with a hose.  It can be adapted for lighter oils.  The skimmer is supported in the water by three corner floats.  It can also handle debris up to an inch in diameter.

DESMI 250 Skimmer


The submersible pump is part of the off-loading system used in the Vessel of Opportunity Skimming System (VOSS) and also part of the large pump load, page 3.26. The pump is designed for high pumping efficiency, minimum weight, and easy servicing. The 11.93 inch diameter of the pump facilitates off-loading through a butterworth hatch. The pump can handle heavy oils with a viscosity up to 10,000 centistokes. All components of the submersible pump that come in contact with product are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel making it suitable to pump a wide range of oils and chemicals. The pump inlet has been fitted with cutting blades to prevent clogging and has also been fitted with a strainer to prevent particles from entering the pump. The seal arrangement of the pump prevents the cargo from contaminating the hydraulic oil inside of the motor. The pump is powered by the diesel HPU.

 DEUTZ Prime Mover

The HPU Deutz primer mover consists of a skid mounted diesel engine, a hydraulic fluid pump and reservoir, various control valves, and other supporting components. The pump is capable of developing 3500 PSI and 45 - 55 GPM hydraulic flow. Gauges at the control panel monitor engine hydraulic output volume, output and return pressure, and accumulator charge. The hydraulic level site glass also contains a gauge that indicates reservoir hydraulic oil temperature.

The diesel engine is a five cylinder, 88 horsepower, air cooled Deutz, model F5L912. The engine is provided with an exhaust muffler/spark arrestor that is clamped to the frame. The engine is fueled from a fuel line quick connected to a fuel bladder. The closed loop hydraulic system uses Mobil DTE 15M hydraulic fluid. The design of the pump allows for a sequenced pressure limited system and a high-pressure relief valve. The Deutz prime mover weighs 1,735 pounds and requires a crane to place it on a vessel.

Deutz Prime Mover

Control Stand/Air Compressor

The VOSS control stand consists of two modules: a control panel and an air compressor base. Together they form a complete subsystem for operating either one Desmi-250 skimmer or one CCN-150-5C, 6” submersible off-loading pump. The control panel includes separate hydraulic control circuits with a proportional directional control valve, a flow meter, and quick disconnects to support both types of operation.

When operating the skimmer, the air compressor base must be attached to the panel to provide compressed air allowing the weir to be adjusted up and down; this is done by means of compressed air and vacuum. When operating the submersible pump, the control panel module can be separated from the air compressor module to reduce handling.

Control Stand/Air Compressor

 Barge, Inflatable Oil Recovery

The inflatable oil recovery barge provides temporary storage and emergency transportation of oil products. The barge is stored in a compact deflated configuration and can be transported quickly by truck or aircraft. The barge can be safely towed at five knots when fully loaded in normal conditions. The barge can be towed in the most adverse conditions with wave heights over six feet, as the roof system greatly enhances spill proof transportation.

The barge resembles an inflatable boat with a huge flexible cargo bag attached to the underside of the buoyancy tube. The outer buoyancy tube is fitted with inflatable cross beams that prevent the sides from crushing when loaded. A removable roof protects the cargo and gives dimensional stability. Additionally, the barge has several access ports in the roof to facilitate filling and off-loading. Unwanted water can be decanted through a unique hose system thereby increasing the efficiency of oil skimming operations. To off-load, the submersible pump, CCN-150-5 can be lowered and suspended into the cargo bay.

Each barge includes all the necessary equipment and attachments to make it operable for skimming and lightering. It includes an inflation system, navigation lights, towing hardware, lifting kit, fill and offloading hoses, repair kit, and operation and maintenance manuals.

Inflatable Oil Recovery Barge

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