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DESMI Terminator

The Terminator is a high efficiency weir skimmer that will recover all types of oil, from diesel and light grade of oil to the most heavy weathered crude and emulsions. The desmi is a positive displacement screw pump installed in the skimmer can pump water and high viscosity oil at the same high capacity and will not emulsify the two during pumping, making separation and decanting possible. The skimmer pump is fitted with cutting knives to process debris, including vegetation, seaweed, kelp, garbage, plastics, synthetic and natural fiber line, aluminum cans, bottles, drift wood, dead fish, birds, and small mammals. The pump will pass solids up to 2.0 inches in diameter. If the pump is clogged by debris, the operator can reverse the pump to expel the blockage using the Spilled Oil Recovery System (SORS) control stand.

The DESMI Terminator is a high efficiency weir skimmer

Control Stand

The SORS control stand provides easy to use controls and flow meter for operating the Terminator skimmers. Hydraulic Power is supplied from the Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) installed on the WLB. Hydraulic power can also be supplied from a portable HPU supplied from USCG Strike Force or Contractor Inventory if needed. The 150lb skimmer control panel mounts on an aluminum base to raise it to a comfortable operating level. The control panel includes skimmer control, hydraulic system pressure gage, and an electric flow meter to indicate skimming pumping rate.

Hydraulic Power is supplied from the Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) installed on the WLB

Hydraulic Hoses

Provide to connect the skimmer to the control panel, the control panel to the ships hydraulic manifold. 150 ft of 6 inch discharge hose and hose floats are supplied for each skimmer. The hoses are stored on a manual hose reel.

The hoses are stored on a manual hose reel.

Outrigger Arm

The Outrigger arm with outboard Float, Universal Joint, Rail Attachment System and all required rigging. The outrigger truss sections are completely interchangeable and assembled with stainless steel fasteners. When complete, the outrigger with three (3) sections will provide a 42 foot wide sweep. Three truss sections can be strapped on an aluminum carrier frame for convenient storage and handling or stored in racks in the vessel hold.

The Outrigger arm with outboard Float, Universal Joint, Rail Attachment System and all required rigging

Fast Sweep Boom (FSB)

Each FSB consists of two 60 foot inflatable boom sections, one 8.5 removable apex boom section, a triangular bottom net, towing bridles, and handling lines to make a complete “V” configuration sweep. The SORS is supplied with a backpack Inflation Blower. Each FSB is stored in a stackable aluminum pans.

Fast Sweep Boom

Canflex Bladders

The Canflex Sea Slug Fluid Containment Bladder (FCB) 125 and 250 is used for storage and transportation of recovered fluid required for filling and towing operations at sea. The Sea Slugs can also be used for storage on land. The Sea Slug is constructed using high strength PVC coated polyester material, air floation, stainless steel towing gear, and marine grade aluminum fittings. There are several 3” and /or 4” NPT threaded connections can be used for filling, off loading or decanting. There is also a 25.50 ID top center connection where a submersible pump can be inserted.

Vessel of Opportunity Skimming System (VOSS)

The Vessel of Opportunity Skimming System ( VOSS) is a portable side-skimming oil-recovery system which can be deployed from most work vessels over 65 feet in length.

Each VOSS consists of two of the following:

 General Installation

Generally, the VOSS is installed on a vessel with the outriggers mounted on the sides of the vessel.  The sweep boom is then connected to the outer most part of the outriggers on one end and the side of the vessel on the other end.  The boom extends towards the rear of the vessel in a "lazy J" shape and corrals the oil.

The skimmer is then secured to the vessel and placed inside the boom so it can collect the oil trapped there.

The oil collected by the skimmer is pumped into the inflatable barge.  The barge is secured off the rear of the vessel and is pulled behind while the oil is pumped into it.

Vessel of Opportunity Skimming System (VOSS)

Spilled Oil Recovery System (SORS)

The USCG WLB Spilled Oil Recovery System (SORS) is a modern, high performance, over-the-side, single ship recovery system, designed to be used on Coast Guard Bouy Tender (WLB) for response to an environmental emergency. The SORS is comprised of two (2) identical sweeping and skimming systems. The standard operating procedure is to deploy one system over the side of the vessel and deploy one temporary storage bladder over the other side. The SORS is package in four stackable aluminum storage/deployment containers, which fit into the hold under the main deck. The SORS is designed to be installed and operated by the vessel crew following instruction in this manual and with minimal training. Regular training and exercising with the equipment is highly recommended since it will improve response time and oil recovery efficiency. A trained crew of ten should be able to install the SORS equipment in the “in transit” mode in less than one hour with assistance of a lifting crane. Once on the scene of the oil spill, the equipment can be fully deployed and recovering oil in less than one hour. The SORS incorporates the latest technology in oil sweeping and skimming equipment. The components are lightweight and easy to assemble yet will survive in difficult operating conditions.

Each SORS consists of two of the following:

Spilled Oil Recovery System (SORS) 

coast guard rod small

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