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National Maintenance Contract east coast Warehouse in Newport News, VAThe National Maintenance Contract (NMC) was developed to meet the specific CG response equipment maintenance program needs and requirements. The activities/responsibilities associated with the NMC which require close coordination with District DRATs, Strike Teams, and JUNIPER Class WLBs, include annual Preventive Maintenance, Casrep repairs, System alterations (MEPALTS), theaddition of new systems such as Viscous Oil Pumping System (VOPS), and maintenance for Spilled Oil Recovery Systems (SORS) on WLB 225 cutters ensuring that all CG owned response equipment systems are in a "ready-for-issue" status.

National Maintenance Contract Brief 01 June 2009

National Maintenance Contract COTR Inspector Presentation

National Maintenance Contract SOW

NMC VOSS, SORS, and GFE Storage Sites Maps

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