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Pacific Strike Team (PST) | Outreach

Month of the Military Child

POSTED MAY 3rd, 2012

ALAMEDA, Calif. — Promoting family is a military tradition and was the focus for some Pacific Strike Team personnel when they helped celebrate the Month of the Military Child, Friday, Apr. 13, 2012, by participating in family-friendly festivities in the Emlen Tunnell Gymnasium in Alameda. 

Pacific Strike Team members based out of Novato, Calif., entertained children by talking about some of the equipment they have at their fingertips during day-to-day activities like the Hazardous Material Response Trailer and a special robot used to do hazardous material identification and removal.  The children were also provided fun-filled activities such as face painting, bounce houses, games, live music and a petting zoo.

“The Hazardous Material Response Trailer and, especially "Harvey" the robot, was a big hit with the kids,” said Lt. Bryan Naranjo, operations officer at the Pacific Strike Team. “This type of outreach is really valuable in getting people excited about the services the Coast Guard and the National Strike Force provide.”

April is the Month of the Military Child, which was originally established in 1986 by the Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. This month-long occasion recognizes the important role military children play in the lives of its members and the courage and sacrifices they must make growing up in a dynamic military household.

120413-G-FY356 Military Kids Day at Coast Guard IslandThere are more than 1.2 million military children, with either one or both parents in service, who must endure the same aspects of military life as their parents. Despite frequent moves, parental deployments, and adjusting to make new friends, military children with strong ties to their community have learned to gain strength and thrive in spite of these challenges.

The Pacific Strike Team is one of five components of the National Strike Force, the Coast Guard’s subject matter experts on hazardous material releases, oil spill responses, biological threats and natural disaster assistance.




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