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Atlantic Strike Team (AST) | Exercise Highlight

AST support to EPA Region 5 Full Scale Exercise, 12-16 Mar 2012


Author: MSTC Ryan Egal


In what has become an annual event, the National Strike Force (NSF) deployed Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) in support of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5 Level “A” full scale exercise held in Angola, Indiana. Three members from the Atlantic Strike Team, two members from the Pacific Strike Team, and one member from the Gulf Strike team were chosen to utilize their EMT skills during this two day exercise.   

  photo 1 - AST EPA exerciseThe NSF members conducted pre and post entry medical monitoring to ensure that EPA and Indiana Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) personnel were medically cleared prior to donning Level “A” and “C” personal protective suits.  Additionally, the EMT’s ensured that the drills were conducted safely and were on scene as initial first responders to any potential medical emergencies.  “This is my second year attending this event, and not only does it give our EMT’s a chance to practice our skills, but it also allows us to interact and conduct outreach with our partners in Region 5” stated Petty Officer Jonathan Scott.   

The EPA conducts this refresher training for their On Scene Coordinators.  There were approximately 40 EPA personnel from the Chicago, Detroit, and Indianapolis area that participated in this exercise with additional guests from the Indiana Department of Environmental Protection.  The objectives of the exercises were to build upon and strengthen team work, increase dexterity, and improve communication skills when dressed out in different levels of protection and while maneuvering through different obstacles.    

photo 1 - AST EPA exercise“As a member of the training department at the Atlantic Strike Team, I got some new and unique ideas that I would like to implement at our team so that we are more comfortable wearing the different types of personal protective equipment that we may have to don when responding to an incident” stated Petty Officer Jeff Nagel.  With the assistance provided by National Strike Force EMT’s, this exercise was successfully completed without incident.




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