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Frequently Asked Questions

The Atlantic Strike Team is located on Joint Base McGuire/Dix/Lakehurst and is collocated with Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Army in Central New Jersey.

What is the housing situation at the team?

Government housing is available on Fort Dix, it is under new private contract management, United Communities.  You can also live out on the economy, ask your sponsor for details on each.

How many days will I be deployed and how often?

This is a difficult question to answer, due to the nature of our job - emergency response.  We do average around 180 days a year deployed and our “long” term deployments are usually around 3 weeks in length.

What are the educational opportunities in the area?

Numerous educational opportunities exist for our members and their families. The local community college is accredited and offers associate degrees in areas like computer science and business studies. Nearby Princeton and Temple Universities offer full- and part-time bachelors-degree programs. There is also the Education Center on McGuire, where both DANTES and CLEPS are given. Quite often members work through the CG Institute and use Phoenix University, or Thomas Edison State College to work on their degrees. The unit ESO is LT Annjea Cormier.

What is our AOR?

AST Area of Responsibility
What is our job?? What do we do?

Our job is unique, we respond to oil spills, HAZMAT releases and WMD type responses in direct support of both CG and EPA Federal On Scene Coordinators. The Strike Teams have been involved in all major disasters and events affecting the US ranging from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill to Hurricane Response for Sandy and Irene. Teams have supported planned events such as the Presidential Inauguration, the Olympics, and Superbowl, offering expertise in ICS, and WMD response.

What is the normal Plan of the Day / Week consist of?

Our work days are from 0700-1600 daily, with built in PT time each morning from 0700-0830. We hold weekly quarters on Friday mornings, and conduct a field day of the unit. If there are no other operational or training requirements, we try to grant liberty by 1300 on Fridays.

What is the units recall policy?

While stationed here you will be on extended 24 hour recall for most of your time, unless on leave, and will be issued a unit cell phone. Additionally when on duty, you can be placed in either a 6 hour or 2 hour recall status.

Will I need a passport?

Yes, you will be required to have an official passport. This is part of your check in. See the Admin page for a hyperlink to the application.

What sort of Duty will I be standing?

We have a CDO who is responsible for the unit, duty driver runs etc. They stand duty one week at a time from Tuesday to Tuesday. Duty is stood from 0630-1600 in the office, and outside of those hours from home with a phone and a briefcase, there are no overnight watches performed. Additionally, as mentioned above, there is always a 12 man response duty team with 4 members on 2 hour recall status, and the remaining 8 members on 6 hour recall status.

Is there a Church/Gym/Galley/Etc on the base? Where are they?

FT Dix, NJ local area map

Will I ever have to deploy overseas?

There is always a potential, each Strike Team has an overseas area they are responsible for. The AST handles Eastern Europe and Africa. These deployments don't come up that often, but there is always a potential.

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Last Modified 1/12/2016