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Engineering Division

AST members connecting Control Stand to skimmers AST VOSS Trailer
AST member pump training
AST members receiving confined space training

MK Shop

The Engineering Division is made up of three shops, the Machinery Technician (MK) shop, the Damage Controlman (DC) shop, and the Electricians Mate (EM) / Electronics Technician (ET) shop. These three shops are all headed by a Chief Warrant Officer who is the Engineering Officer.  The MK shop takes care of the pumps, skimmers, engines, tractors, trailers, boats and other assorted unit equipment.  The DC shop is in charge of all confined space equipment, respiratory equipment, damage assessment gear, and decontamination gear.  The EM/ET shop takes care of all communications and computer equipment.  No other unit in the Coast Guard, outside of Telecommunication and Information Systems Command (TICSOM), has as many handheld radios as the Strike Teams do.  With a variety of antennas and interoperability solutions as well as assisting the facility manager with electrical equipment throughout the unit, the EM/ET shop is always busy.  All Division members are also qualified emergency pollution responders.

coast guard rod small

“The World’s Best Responders: Any Time, Any Place, Any Hazard.”

Last Modified 1/12/2016