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EM / ET Shop

AST high tech electronics gear
A compact portable base station for operational use with VHF and UHF handheld radios. Radios are boosted to 40 Watt output for extended range. Shop with equipment stored on shelves for quick response.

The Electricians Mate (EM) / Electronics Technician (ET) shop has its work cut out for them. We are only billeted for one EM1 and one ET1 (or ET2) who work together maintaining all the high tech communications equipment and electronics gear, as well as generators ranging in size from 1KW to 30KW.  During pumping operations, all gear must be properly bonded and grounded; this is managed through the EM/ET shop. The Strike Team possesses some very unique communications equipment with interoperability devices allowing us to readily interface with other response agencies and organizations.

coast guard rod small

“The World’s Best Responders: Any Time, Any Place, Any Hazard.”

Last Modified 1/12/2016