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Deck Division

AST Inflatable Boom AST members deploy inflatable boom from reel
AST member standing next to seaslug AST memebers deploying boom
AST 26 foot Trailerable Aids to Navigation Boat responding AST members training on ATV
AST 26' TANB on trailer AST flood punts on trailers

The Deck department is billeted for a BOSN Chief Warrant Officer, a Chief Boatswain’s mate (BM), two BM1’s and two BM2’s.  As a BM, your primary responsibility at the Atlantic Strike Team is to be qualified responder and coxswain, but some go on to become commercial truck drivers or all terrain vehicle (ATV) instructors. The Deck department maintains 5 boats ranging in size from 14’ skiffs to 26’ Trailerable Aids to Navigation Boats (TANB). Along with the boats, we maintain a good portion of the “orange gear” including boom reels, Vessel of Opportunity Skimming System (VOSS) loads, all rigging, and temporary storage devices for oil.  We are also in charge of all aircraft load-out equipment. The Deck department gets underway as often as operationally possible to maintain our currency requirements.  With the size of our area of responsibility and the potential to get underway during the worst conditions, it is paramount that we train and hone our skills as often as possible.


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“The World’s Best Responders: Any Time, Any Place, Any Hazard.”

Last Modified 12/21/2016