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The Atlantic Strike Team (AST) Chemical Shop oversees, operates, and maintains $1.5 million of hazardous material response gear.   The Atlantic Strike Team Chemical Shop is made up of the Chemical Officer, a Marine Science Technician (MST) Chief and 4-5 MST Petty Officers.   We are able to respond on a 24 hour 365 day basis to a Chemical, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), Radiological, and or Biological incident.    Over the past decade the Atlantic Strike Team Chemical shop has responded to:

  • World Trade Center, New York, New York
  • US Capital Building Anthrax Incident, Washington DC
  • Hart Senate Building Ricin Incident, Washington DC
  • Anthrax Incident, Danbury, Connecticut
  • Anthrax Incident, New York , New York
  • Sulfur Mustard Gas Incident, New Bedford, Massachusetts

We are one of the premier federal hazmat response organizations.  We pride ourselves in being “the world’s best responders, any time, any place, any hazard.”

coast guard rod small

“The World’s Best Responders: Any Time, Any Place, Any Hazard.”

Last Modified 1/12/2016