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Security Levels

Coast Guard Deputy Commandant for Operations (CG-DCO)

Phone Directory

Routing Symbol Position Title Telephone Number
CG-DCO Deputy Commandant for Operations 202-372-2000
CG-DCO-E Executive Assistant to DCO 202-372-2007
CG-DCO CMC Command Master Chief 202-372-1007
CG-DCO Aide to the Deputy Commandant for Operations 202-372-2599
CG-DCO-D Deputy for Operations Policy and Capabilities 202-372-1002
CG-DCO-EA Executive Assistant to DCO-D 202-372-1011
CG-DCO-A Coordination Staff 202-372-2005
CG-DCO-G & CMC Global MOTR Coordination Center 202-372-1450
CG-DCO-I Director, International Affairs & Foreign Policy Advisor 202-372-4450
Fax : 202-372-4965
CG-DCO-I-1 Office of Regional Affairs 202-372-4470
CG-DCO-I-2 Office of Security Cooperation 202-372-4460
CG-DCO-X Emerging Policy Staff 202-372-2313
CG-DCO-8 Director of Operations Resource Management 202-372-1276
CG-DCO-81 Office of Performance & Assessment 202-372-2583
CG-DCO-82 Offie of Budget Development 202-372-2298
CG-DCO-83 Office of Budget Execution 202-372-1320
CG-5R Assistant Commandant For Response Policy 202-372-2010
CG-5RI Director Of Incident Preparedness Policy 202-372-2097
CG-5RE Director of Law Enforcement, Maritime Security & Defense Ops Policy 202-372-2013
CG-5P Assistant Commandant For Prevention Policy 202-372-8439
CG-5PC Director of Inspections & Compliance 202-372-1016
CG-5PS Director of Commercial Regulations & Standards 202-372-1350
CG-5PW Director of Marine Transportation Systems 202-372-2590
CG-FACA Federal Advisory Committees Assistant 202-372-4572
CG-7 Assistant Commandant For Capabilities 202-372-2020
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