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Waivers to TA Policy and Procedures Education Services Officer
Consideration of TA waivers
  • Under special circumstances, CG Institute may grant a waiver to TA policies and procedures. However, advise your members that CG Institute rarely grants waivers for reasons other than those listed below.
  • Note: members shall request a waiver through the school before submitting a waiver to the CG Institute. If the school denies the request, the member may proceed with a waiver through the CG Institute. Do not submit a waiver to the Navy.
Late withdrawal from a course
  • Member has to withdraw from a course after the Institution has received monies for the course.
  • Examples of valid reasons for granting waiver:
    • hospitalization
    • permanent change of of station (PCS) orders
    • temporary duty (TAD) orders
    • documented emergency leave
    • change in military duties
  • The member must submit an amplifying endorsement from their Commanding Officer/OIC or delegated authority with the waiver request.
Late submission of TA application
  • In accordance with ALCOAST 367/07, waiver request for TA for classes in a past fiscal year will only be considered if submitted within 90 days past the subsequent fiscal year.
Separated prior to completion of service requirement
  • Individuals non-selected for promotion and scheduled for retirement and/or separation (i.e., are being mandatorily separated due to non-selection for promotion or continuation) who had TA requests approved prior to the announcement of the board results that resulted in mandatory separation. However, If the course has not started upon announcement of the board, the TA authorization must be cancelled.
  • Discharged for reason of Convenience of the Government in connection with a reduction in force.
    • Note: If member is discharged under provisions contained in ALCGOFF 045/10 or ALCGENL 046/10, the member will be required to repay Tuition Assistance (TA) at a prorated amount. Example: Member receives $750 in TA funds. The course is 3 months and the member is departing 1 month prior to the end of course date. $750/3 = $250. The member will be required to repay $250.
  • Separated by reason of physical disability, illness, injury, or other impairment incurred in the line of duty and not due to misconduct; or receive a hardship discharge.
How to submit a TA Waiver request
  • Member downloads and completes the Tuition Assistance Waiver form (CG 4147-1).
  • Member completes CG-4147-1, Application for Tuition Assistance Waiver form, and submits to his/her unitís command cadre with TA authorization and supporting documentation (e.g. TDY orders, doctor statement).
  • Command/Unit reviews studentís narrative on CG-4147-1 and completes command endorsement. Command then forwardís to unitís ESO.
  • ESO reviews and digitally signs the request form.
  • ESO opens a new TACCTS ticket for the TAG Division and attaches the request to the ticket.
  • CGI receives the waiver request, reviews it and notifies the ESO and member of the result.
  • Please Note:
    • The Command endorsement and ESO validation blocks should not be completed by the same person unless the CO/OinC is also the ESO. Or, in this case, the CO/OinC can complete the Command endorsement and the Alternate ESO can complete the ESO validation blocks.
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