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EOCT Recordkeeping Education Services Officer
MOU for library units
  • All library units shall have on file a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from CG Institute.
  • Example of the MOU.
  • To get a copy of your MOU, submit a TACCTS ticket to CGI Division with the description Request for MOU.
ESO designation/relief letters
Test inventory requirements
  • Both library and non-library units are required to complete a monthly inventory of all EOCTs.
  • Compare the physical test inventory to the inventory listed in TACCTS for your unit.
  • Notify the CST Division of any discrepancies via a TACCTS issue.
  • It is suggested that you complete your inventory by the 5th of each month. Having a regular inventory schedule will prevent you from getting locked out of TACCTS.
  • Job aid for library unit inventory.
  • Job aid for non-library unit inventory.
Test administration log
Answer sheet retention
  • Library units shall retain copies of online answer sheet until results appear in DA.
  • Non-library units shall retain copies of the paper answer sheet until results appear in DA.
  • Keeping these copies are important. They are the only record of the exam if there is an error in internet transmission or a package is lost in the mail.
Destruction logs
  • When notified by CG Institute or if a unit no longer requires an exam, tests may be destroyed by the ESO.
  • Tests should be cross-cut shredded with a witness present. Destruction should be noted in a destruction log. This log is mandatory as it provides audit accountability for the EOCTs.
  • Sample of a destruction log. (excel)
  • After destruction, you should send a TACCTS ticket to CST including information on exactly what was destroyed. CST will then remove the tests from your TACCTS inventory.
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Last Modified 6/12/2015