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Security Levels

Rate Advancement Courses (EOCT/EPME) Education Services Officer
Rating advancement courses (SUSPENDED THROUGH 2016)
Rate Chief First Class Second Class Third Class
Avionics Electrical Technician   AET1 AET2  
Aviation Maintenance Technician   AMT1 AMT2  
Aviation Survival Technician   AST1 AST2  
Boatswain's Mate BMC BM1 BM2 BM3
Damage Controlman   DC1 DC2 DC3
Electrician's Mate   EM1 EM2  
Electronics Technician   ET1 ET2  
Food Service Specialist     FS2 FS3
Gunner's Mate   GM1 GM2  
Health Services Technician   HS1 HS2  
Intelligence Specialist   IS1 IS2  
Information Systems Technician   IT1 IT2  
Investigator   IV1 IV2  
Maritime Enforcement Specialist   ME1 ME2  
Machinery Technician   MK1 MK2 MK3
Marine Science Technician   MST1    
Operations Specialist   OS1 OS2  
Public Affairs Specialist   PA1 PA2  
Storekeeper   SK1 SK2 SK3
Yeoman   YN1 YN2  
Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME) courses (SUSPENDED THROUGH 2016)
Title Short Title
EPME 4 - Apprentice EPME-4
EPME 6 - Journeyman EPME-6
EPME 8 - Master EPME-8
Qualification courses
Title Short Title
Basic Radar User BARAD
Deck Watch Officer International/Inland - Original DWINTO
Deck Watch Officer International/Inland - Renewal DWINTR
First Responder Awareness - WMD FRAWMD
Maneuvering Boards MANBD
Introduction To Maritime Law Enforcement MLE
Port Security Unit Essential Skills PSUESCH
Search and Rescue Fundamentals SARFND
Coordination Training, Student Guide TCTSG
Course material availability definitions
Last Modified 1/12/2016