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Testing Auxiliarists Education Services Officer
Ordering courses and tests for auxiliarists
  • Auxiliarists are not recognized by CG or CG Institute computer systems. Although they have EMPLIDS, they are not recognized by DA or TACCTS.
  • Before course material can be sent or tests scored, , the auxiliarist must first be manually loaded into CGI computer system.
  • To get an auxiliarist manually loaded, open an issue in TACCTS and select "Aux Member Information Load" as the description. Include in the comments:
    • Complete name
    • SSN
    • EMPLID
    • OPFAC
    • Auxiliarists's mailing address
    • Course you will be requesting (i.e. IIMS)
  • If you want the course material sent, request it in the same TACCTS issue.
  • If you are a non-library unit and want the test sent, request it in the same TACCTS issue.
  • For additional information go to ESO Guide Volume II: Training - p.31.
Administering tests to auxiliarists
  • If you have not already added the member to the CG system, follow the instructions above to manually load the auxiliarist.
  • Regardless of whether unit is a library or non-library, ALL auxiliarists must be tested on a paper answer sheet.
  • Do NOT enter auxiliary tests into the online answer sheet.
  • Scan the answer sheet and upload as an attachment to a CST Division TACCTS ticket to be scored.
Last Modified 1/12/2016