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Auxiliarists Auxiliarists
American Council on Education (ACE) Credit and the Joint Services Transcript (JST)
Transcript Request Steps
  1. If the Auxiliarist served in the Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corp, or Navy, the Auxiliarist most likely will have ACE credits and the ACE credits will be documented on the JST transcript. Go to the CG Institute website and click on the “Go to College” section. Follow the JST Log link to the Joint Services Transcript (JST) website to create an account. (If the JST comes up with the statement,” no record found”, a record will have to be built.) Complete form CGI-1562 Application for Correction Form (found in the “Go to College” section on the CG Institute web page). If military rate credits fail to appear on the JST, include copies of DD-214s along with the CGI-1562 so the Registrar’s Office can add the rate. (Note: Air Force Veterans should contact the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) to obtain their official transcript of their prior military credit. Very few Air Force courses have been reviewed by ACE. The link to CCAF is in the “Go to College” section on the CG Institute web page.)
  2. Provide completion certificates or letters for the courses you have taken. Provide copies of the course certificates (including AUXLAMS certificate) to CG Institute along with the CGI-1562 because the Registrar’s Office cannot build a record without documentation showing course completion. Note: If the course has not been reviewed by ACE, it will not appear on the official transcript.
  3. Provide information to build your JST record. In order to build your JST record, you must provide the following data along with the CGI-1562:
    • Full SSN
    • Date of Birth
    • Auxiliary Enrollment date and EMPLID
  4. NOTE: The CG Institute cannot access Personally Identifiable Information through AUXDATA or AUXOFF.
  5. Protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) information. It is very important to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Select one of the following methods to send your data being aware of the risk involved with each one.
    • Email the scanned documents (.pdf format is preferred) with the PII and use a password to protect them. Send the password via separate email or phone (405-954-0072) the CG Institute with the password. Inside the CG network, this process is fairly safe, but outside of the CG network, this method is riskier.
    • Fax the documents (405-954-7249).and then call the CG Institute (405-954-0072) with the needed PII.
    • Mail documentation with PII via USPS.
  6. Notification of JST. Once your JST record is built, you will be notified via email and further instructions will be sent on how to have your JST sent to your school of choice. Questions and Documents can be e-mailed to the CG Institute at
Taking CG courses and tests
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