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Coast Guard Launches 2011 Contracting Career Opportunity Program

Already in its second year, the Coast Guard’s Contracting Career Opportunity Program (CCOP) has become a key component of the Acquisition Directorate’s strategy to recruit, train, retain and incrementally build a multi-disciplined, certified acquisition workforce. Program officials note that past efforts have shown that a combination of “hiring experience” and “growing our own” are crucial to executing an effective recruitment program.

The CCOP is designed to provide Coast Guard military personnel who have decided to retire from active duty with a professional development opportunity that will provide the formal training and work experience necessary to earn Federal Acquisition Institute Contracting Certification (FAC-C) Level I and Level II in preparation for a potential transition to the Coast Guard’s civilian contracting workforce. The foundation of the CCOP is a two-year training program targeted to active duty personnel with varying degrees of contracting experience.  In addition, Coast Guard personnel are encouraged to apply if they currently fill or have filled administrative, program management and/or Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) positions.


As outlined in the recently released (ALCGPSC [#028/10]) solicitation message, CCOP applicants must:

The most competitive applicants will have a bachelor’s degree or at least 24 semester hours in one or a combination of the following areas:  accounting; business finance; contracts; economics; industrial management; law; organization and management; purchasing; or quantitative methods.  Additionally, strong applicants will have contracting or procurement-related business and technical competencies and leadership skills.


Participants in the 2011 CCOP training program will receive formal classroom training, on-the-job training, contracting work experience, mentoring, and supervisory oversight from certified contracting professionals.  Training will include rotational assignments and be tailored to the individual participant’s education and experience. Participants will gain valuable, practical experience in procuring goods and services for the Coast Guard through exposure to different contracting components, offices, business practices and work assignments.


To be considered for the 2011 CCOP class, candidates must submit their application packages to the CCOP Selection Panel Coordinator no later than May 31, 2010. The Selection Panel will convene on July 12, 2010. Selected CCOP participants will report to CG-91 at Coast Guard Headquarters in the summer of 2011.

Other Opportunities

Civilian workforce opportunities are also available through established programs, such as the Coast Guard Career Entry-Level Opportunity (CEO) Program, the Department of Homeland Security Acquisition Professional Program, and the government-wide Acquisition Management Intern Program.  Civilians interested in pursuing a career as a contract professional may apply for these and other professional contracting programs offered by various departments in the federal government. 

Questions regarding the CCOP or the civilian programs may be directed to Mr. William Yeager at or (202) 475-3763.

Last Modified 1/12/2016