Security Levels


Section 919 of the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010 (Pub. L. No. 111-281) directs the Coast Guard to publish a rank order of priority for studies and reports on a Coast Guard’s public website.

....the Commandant of the Coast Guard shall establish for each fiscal year a rank order of priority for studies and reports that can be conducted or completed during the fiscal year consistent with this limitation and shall post the list on the Coast Guard’s public website.


1  Minor Construction & Improvements Projects
2  Conveyance of Coast Guard Real Property
3  EC&R Prioritized List of Projects
4  Abandoned Seafarers Fund
5  Sexual Assaults in the Coast Guard
6  Living Marine Resource Enforcement Activities
7  Notice of Arrival and Departure Rulemaking
8  Compliance with Security Standards Pursuant to MTSP
9  Rescue 21: Alaska and the Western Rivers
10 IMO Polar Code Negotiations
11 Diversity in Coast Guard Leadership
12 Coast Guard Missions Needs Statement
13 CGA Sexual Harassment and Violence
14 Coast Guard Major Acquisitions Program
15 Threat of Terrorism to U.S. Ports and Vessels in 2014
16 Distant Water Tuna Fleet
17 Presidential Security Expenditures 1st Half FY 2015
18 Marine Safety Long Term Strategy, Performance Report, and Annual Plan
19 Maritime Border Security: Analysis of Resource Deficiencies
20 Maintaining Medium Endurance Cutter Mission Capability
21 Officer Evaluation Reporting System
22 Maritime SAR Assistance Policy Assessment
23 Coast Guard's Arctic and Antarctic Ice Operations Strategy
24 Oil Pollution Act Liability Limits
25 Assessment of Competition by U.S. Flag Vessels
26 Waterside Security of Especially Hazardous Cargo
27 Presidential Security Expenditures 2nd Half FY 2015
28 Capital Investment Plan for FY 2016 - 2020
29 Gulf of Mexico Oil Production Platform: Discharge Activities
30 Boat Expenditure Plan
31 Minor Shore Infrastructure Projects and Military Housing Expenditure Plan
32 Coast Guard Yard Industrial Requirements
33 Sexual Assaults: Expedited Transfer and Special Victim Counsel Programs
34 Polar Icebreaker Alternative Analyses
35 Coast Guard Missions Needs Statement (MNS)

Last Modified 1/12/2016