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Avionics & Sensors


The Avionics and Sensors Program was established to evaluate emerging avionics and sensors technologies, and to assess the capabilities of current integrated and nonintegrated aircraft avionics, sensor systems, and support equipment.

The program manager frequently meets with government and industry experts to review new technology and identify mission appropriate applications, and provides essential information to senior leaders, such as cost-benefit analysis and required capital expenditures. The avionics and sensors program coordinates multi-million dollar aircraft modifications and upgrades, including the development of operational requirements and technical specifications based on mission parameters, defines overall project scope and objectives, provides technical input for acquisition contracts, and prepares project scheduling and milestones. Additionally, the program manager identifies project risks and prepares funding proposals. The avionics and sensors program also assists in the development of fleet-wide training requirements, reviews proposed curricula, and provides crew billet recommendations.

Future growth of avionics and sensors systems will require an exponential increase in required bandwidth and data handling capability. Key to meeting this demand will be open systems architecture, which allows aircraft to be easily refitted as new technologies become available. Additionally, developing enhanced fusion between avionics, sensors, and C4ISR functions is an important focus for the program.

Last Modified 1/12/2016