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Office of Aviation Forces (CG-711)

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Avionics, Sensors & C4ISR


Aviations’ Avionics & Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) program has been established to support capability development and integration on all aviation platforms, units and for flight operations.

Avionics consists of the electrical and electronic systems used to communicate, navigate, fly the aircraft, monitor aircraft systems, safety & emergency systems, and provide air traffic surveillance.  The C4ISR component includes all the electrical and electronic tactical mission systems: sensors, mission processors, communications, displays and interfaces.

The program evaluates emerging avionics and C4ISR technologies supporting aviation program goals. The Avionics and C4ISR program staff meets with government, scholastic and industry experts to review new technology and identify mission appropriate applications. Essential information is provided to senior leadership, including technology briefs, cost-benefit analysis and resource proposals for required capital expenditures. The avionics and C4ISR program coordinates multi-million dollar aircraft modifications and upgrades. These projects include the development of operational requirements and refining technical specifications based on mission parameters, defining overall project scope, outlining objectives and identifying risk, providing technical input for acquisition contracts, and preparing project schedules and milestones. The program supports development of policy for the employment, training and support of all avionics and aviation C4ISR systems and inventory. It also assists in the development of fleet-wide training requirements, reviews proposed curricula, and provides crew manning recommendations.

CG aviation is in the midst of a major avionics and C4ISR technology growth period.  Vast leaps in aviation capability are coming from this technology.  New life saving SAR technology such as 406Mhz direction finding, Digital Selective Calling receivers, & Radars that can display Search and rescue transponders.  Sensors that can find targets in all weather and at night, and mission processors and communications that can share information in a netcentric manner are being developed and employed.  The program is focused on planning, developing and implementing systems in a standardized and integrated manner for affordability and increased operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Last Modified 1/12/2016