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Billet Management


The Aviation Billet Manager ensures each unit has the necessary billets to complete its mission. Billet management involves both purchasing and moving billets, upgrading and downgrading billets, as well as changing the rates and titles of billets.

Although it is a common misconception, a billet is not a person. Many people mistake billets for the people that fill them. However, a billet is not the person but the specification of the position and the job the person fills.

Simply put, a billet represents a job or position which detailers assign to a person. Billets are, in effect, the blueprint for the work force. Each billet is unique, and has its own fingerprint in the form of a position number assigned to that billet and no other.

To use an analogy, a billet is like an empty mailbox. Each mailbox has a number, and can be labeled “Pilot, or “AMT” or “SK1”, and so on. The billet manager's responsibility is to make sure that each part of the fleet has the right number and right types of mailboxes. The mailboxes themselves are empty, waiting for mail. The detailers are the people who fill them: they are the mailmen, people are the mail.


Last Modified 1/12/2016