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Security Levels

Assistant Commandant for Marine Safety, Security, and Stewardship (CG-5)

CG-5 Phone Directory

Routing Symbol Position Title Telephone Number
CG-5 Assistant Commandant for Marine Safety, Security & Stewardship202-372-1001
CG-5EExecutive Assistant202-372-1003
CG-5X Emerging Policy Staff 202-372-2670
CG-5G Director of Global MOTR Coordination Center 202-3721450
CG-52 Commercial Regulations and Standards Directorate202-372-1351
CG-521Office of Design & Engineering Standards202-372-1352
CG-5211Human Element & Ship Design Division202-372-1355
CG-5212Naval Architecture Division202-372-1366
CG-5213Systems Engineering Division 202-372-1375
CG-5214Life Saving & Fire Safety Division 202-372-1395
CG-522Office of Operating & Environmental Standards 202-372-1405
CG-5221 Maritime Personnel Qualifications Division 202-372-1406
CG-5222 Vessel & Facility Operating Standards Division 202-372-1410
CG-5223 Hazardous Materials Standards Division 202-372-1426
CG-5224Environmental Standards Division 202-372-1430
CG-5225 Deepwater Ports Standards Division 202-372-1440
CG-523Office of Standards Evaluation & Development 202-372-1460
CG-5231Standards Evaluation & Analysis Division 202-372-1465
CG-5232Project Development Division 202-372-1400
CG-53 Director of Response Policy 202-372-2015
CG-53DDeputy, Response Directorate202-372-2013
CG-531Office of Law Enforcement 202-372-2161
CG-5311Plans, Analysis & Budget Division 202-372-2173
CG-5312MHS, General LE & Policy Standards Division 202-372-2166
CG-5313Drug & Migrant Interdiction Division202-372-2165
CG-5314LMR & MPS Enforcement Division 202-372-2187
CG-532Office of Counterterrorism and Defense Operations202-372-2102
CG-5321National Defense Strategy Division202-372-2105
CG-5322Maritime Security (Antiterrorism) Division202-372-2122
CG-5323Maritime Security (Counterterrorism) Division 202-372-2240
CG-533Office of Incident Management Preparedness202-372-2231
CG-5331Incident Mgmt & Cross Contingency Division202-372-2240
CG-5332Oil & Hazardous Substance Division202-372-2234
CG-5333Coordination & Outreach Division202-372-2247
CG-5334Disaster & Continuity Division202-372-2252
CG-5335 Coast Guard National Response Center 202-372-2440
CG-534Office of Search and Rescue 202-372-2086
CG-5341Policy Division 202-372-2080
CG-5342Coordination Division202-372-2088
CG-535Office of Contingency Exercises 202-372-2143
CG-5351Exercise Policy Division 202-372-2143
CG-5353Evaluation & Analysis Division202-372-2143
CG-54 Director of Prevention Policy Directorate 202-372-1009
CG-54D Deputy Director of Prevention Policy Directorate 202-372-1009
CG-54-TI Travelling Inspection Staff 202-372-1190
CG-541 Office of International and Domestic Port Assessment 202-372-1018
CG-5411 International Port Security Evaluation Division 202-372-1081
CG-5412 Domestic Port Security Evaluation Division 202-372-1097
CG-54121 Oceans and Transportation Branch 202-372-1532
CG-54122 Great Lakes Pilotage Branch 202-372-1535
CG-54123 Mobility & Ice Operations Branch 202-372-1540
CG-5413 Office of Navigation Systems 202-372-1545
CG-54131 Visual Navigation Division 202-372-1546
CG-54132 Electronics Navigation Division 202-372-1558
CG-54133 Navigation Standards Division 202-372-1564
CG-542 Office of Auxiliary & Boating Safety 202-372-1260
NACO National Commodore CG Auxiliary 202-372-1263
CG-5421 Coast Guard Auxiliary Division 202-372-1268
CG-54211 Administration Branch 202-372-1267
CG-54212 Operations Branch 202-372-1265
CG-5422 Boating Safety Division 202-372-1051
CG-54221 Program Management Branch 202-372-1054
CG-54222 Program Operations Branch 202-372-1070
CG-54223 Recreational Boating Product Assurance Branch 202-372-1076
CG-54224 Grants Management Branch 202-372-1057
CG-543 Office of Vessel Activities 202-372-1210
CG-5431 Domestic Vessels Division 202-372-1215
CG-5432 Foreign & Offshore Vessels Division 202-372-1230
CG-5433 Fishing Vessels Division 202-372-1249
CG-5434 Mariner Credentialing Program Policy Division 202-372-1206
CG-544 Office of Port & Facility Activities 202-372-1080
CG-5441 Domestic Ports Division 202-372-1107
CG-5442 Cargo & Facilities Division 202-372-1171
CG-545 Office of Investigations & Analysis 202-372-1030
CG-5451 Investigations Division 202-372-1031
CG-5452 Compliance Analysis Division 202-372-1223
CG-5453 Data Administration and Foia Division 202-372-1289
CG-55 Director of Marine Transportation Systems Management 202-372-1504
CG-551 Office of Bridge Programs 202-372-1511
CG-5511 Alterations Division 202-372-1515
CG-5512 Permits Division 202-372-1521
CG-5513 Engineering Division 202-372-1520
CG-552 Office of Marine Transportation Systems 202-372-1525
CG-5521 Oceans and Transportation Division 202-372-1532
CG-5522 Great and Transportation Division 202-372-1535
CG-5523 Mobility and Ice Operations Division 202-372-1564
CG-553 Office of Navigation Systems 202-372-1545
CG-5531 Visual Navigation Division 202-372-1546
CG-5532 Electroinc Navigation Division 202-372-1558
CG-5533 Navigation Standards Division 202-372-1564


Last Modified 1/12/2016