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Policy and Guidance for OCS Activities

Policy Letter


CG-ENG Policy Letter 01-13 Alternate Design and Equipment Standard for Floating Offshore Installations and Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading Units.
CG-ENG Policy Letter 02-12 Acceptance of the 2009 MODU CCODE
COMDT Policy Letter 02-01 Regular Complement of Crew Determinations for Units Engaged in Outer Continental Shelf Activities
COMDT Policy Letter 03-00 Manning of Non-Self Propelled Floating Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Facilities
COMDT Policy Letter 01-03 Pressure Vessel Internal Examination and Relief Valve Testing on Foreign Flag MODUS Operating on the Outer Continental Shelf
COMDT Policy Letter 03-01 In-Service Inspection Program (ISIP) for Floating Facilities in the Outer Continental Shelf.
COMDT  Policy Letter 09-01 Guidelines for Ensuring Compliance with Annex VI to Marpol 73/78
COMDT Policy Letter 11-01 Guidelines for Coast Guard Evaulations of Compliance with the U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency's Vessel General Permit
D8 Polcy Letter 04-03 Outer Continental Shelf Emergency Evacuation Plan Approvals.
D8 Policy Letter 05-03 Means of Escape on Manned and Unmanned Fixed Platforms.
D8 Policy Letter 05-04 Use of Hose Reels with Non-Collapsible Hard-Rubber
Fire Hoses on Floating Offshore Installations
D8 Policy Letter 06-04 Guardrail and Storm Rail Requirement for Floating Offshore Installations
D8 Policy Letter 97-05 STCW Applicability to MODUs
D8 Policy Letter 97-08 Accepting Classification Examinations of Selected Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Structures
D8 Policy Letter 97-11 Coastwise Trade Determination
D8 Policy Letter 97-17 Manning Requirements for Non-Self Propelled MODUs
D8 Poilcy Letter 99-19 MODU Lifeboat/Capsule Releasing Gear Overload Tests
D8 Policy Letter 01-08 Liscensing Requirements for Personnel on Non Self-Propelled Floating OCS Facilities
D8 Policy Letter 96-11 Pressure Vessel Internal Examinations and Relief Valve Testing on Foriegn Flag MODUs
D8 Policy Letter 00-09 Implementaion of the FTP Code- Acceptance of Structural Fire Protection for U.S. Flag Solas Vessels
D8 Policy Letter 03-04 In-Service Insepction Program for Floating Facilities on the Outer Continental Shelf


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