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Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars (NVIC)


NVIC Title
1-65 Stability Determination in Capsizing Cases Involving Uninspected Vessels
3-69 Information Concerning Z Nomograph Method of Calculating Available GM
3-73 Intact Stability Criteria for Passenger and Cargo Ships Under 100 Meters in Length
4-74 Stability Information Required on Inspected and Uninspected United States Vessels Receiving a Load Line Certificate and Foreign Vessels Receiving Form B Load Line Certificates
2-76 Damage Stability Calculations for Tank Vessels
4-77 Shifting Weights or Counter Flooding During Emergency Situations
14-81 Stability Tests; Waiving of for "Sister Vessels"
5-82 Fixed Ballast
17-82 Intact Stability of Small Vessels; Recommendations
10-83 Stability Approval and the Issuance of Stability Letters
12-83 Intact Stability of Towing and Fishing Vessels; Research Results
3-89 Guidelines for the Presentation of Stability Information for Operating Personnel
17-91 Guidelines for Conducting Stability Tests
4-92 Recommended Intact and Damage Stability Design Criteria for New Tank Vessels
4-93 Subdivision and Damage Stability of Dry Cargo Vessels
3-97 Stability Related Review Performed by the American Bureau of Shipping for U.S. Flag Vessels
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