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Security Levels

Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars (NVIC)

Life Boats/ Life Rafts

NVIC Title
2-75 Alteration of Existing Rafts to Comply with Improved Inflation Standards
5-77 Inspection of Hydraulic Starting Systems for Lifeboats and Survival Capsule
3-79 Lifeboat Capacity on Foreign Flag Passenger Ships
1-80 Inspection of Viking On-Load Release Gear on Watercraft America Lifeboats
2-80 Poured Metal Socket Connections For Lifeboat Falls
6-81 Lifeboat Weight Tests
6-82 Servicing and Inspection of Inflatable Life Rafts Utilizing Voluntary Third Party Inspection Organizations
1-83 Painters for Life Floats and Buoyant Apparatus
4-86 Hydraulic Release Units for Life Rafts, Life Floats, and Buoyant Apparatus, and Alternate Float-Free Arrangements
4-07 Servicing and Maintenance of Lifeboats, Launching Appliances and On-Load Release Gear


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Last Modified 1/12/2016