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Security Levels

Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars (NVIC)

Fire Safety

6-70 Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems for Use In Galley Ventilating Equipment
7-70 Marine Type Portable Fire Extinguishers
6-72 Guide to Fixed Fire-Fighting Equipment Aboard Merchant Vessels
6-72, CH-1 Guide to Fixed Fire-Fighting Equipment Aboard Merchant Vessels
7-80 Use of Fire Detection Systems, Which Are Not Approved Under 46 CFR 161.002
11-82 Deck Foam Systems for Polar Solvents
12-86 Replacement of Flame Safety Lamps with Combination Oxygen/Combustible  Gas Indicators
13-86 Use of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed Fire
6-91 Fire Drills and On-Board Training
16-91 Special Fire Protection Systems for Atriums
6-93 Termination of Coast Guard Type Approval for Gas Mask/ Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
9-97, CH-1 Guide to Structural Fire Protection
3-95 Periodic Inspection and Testing of Fixed Halon Fire Fighting Equipment Aboard Merchant Vessels
4-95 Fire Safety Standards for Foreign Passenger Vessels Constructed Before 1 October 1994
9-00 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing System Safety
9-00, CH-1 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing System Safety
3-01 Guide to Establish Equivalency to Fire Safety Regulations for Smaller Passenger Vessels (46 CFR Subchapter K)
6-01 Protective Equipment Required for Firefighter's Outfit
1-02 Guidelines for Seafarer's Proficiency in Fire Fighting
7-02 Marine Safety at Firework Displays
2-06 Follow-Up Programs for Fire-Safety Type Approved Products
2-10 Guidance for the Implementation and Enforcement of the Salvage and Marine Firefighting Regulations for Vessel Response Plans


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