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Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars (NVIC)

1950s through 1970s (all documents are .pdf)

Number                                           Description
05-79 Inerting and Tank Cleaning Procedures for Alkylene Oxide Containment & Systems
03-79 Lifeboat Capacity on Foreign Flag Passenger Vessels
02-79 Aluminum Bus Bars
04-78 Inspection and Certification of Existing Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
01-78 w/ CH-1 Automation of Offshore Supply Vessels of 100 Gross Tons and Over
05-77 Inspection of Hydraulic Starting Systems for Lifeboats and Survival Capsules
04-77 Shifting Weights or Counter Flooding During Emergency Situations
03-77 Code of Safe Practice for Ships Carrying Timber Deck Cargoes
02-76 Damage Stability Calculation for Tank Vessels
03-75 Bulk Grain Cargoes
02-75 CANCELED/SUPERSEDED by 46 CFR 160.151. Alteration of Existing Rafts to Comply with Improved Inflation Standards
07-74 w/ CH-1 Oil-Water Separators; Acceptance of
06-74 Elimination of Unsafe Condition on Board Tank Barges
04-74 Stability Information Required on Inspected and Uninspected United States Vessels Receiving a Load Line Certificate and Foreign Vessels Receiving Form B Load Line Certificates
08-73 Canceled: Alternate Means of Determining the Weight of C02 in Fire Extinguishing Systems
07-73 Main Propulsion Boiler Automation
03-73 Intact Stability Criteria for Passenger and Cargo Ships Under 100 Meters in Length
06-72 w/ CH-1 Guide to Fixed Fire-Fighting Equipment Aboard Merchant Vessels
05-71 Index of 46 CFR Part 151 (Certain Bulk Dangerous Cargoes on Unmanned Tank Barges), Subchapter 0
04-71 Valves Employing Resilient Material
02-71 Pipe Stress Analysis Calculations; Procedure for Submission of
01-71 Repair of Boiler Safety Valves
07-70 Marine Type Portable Fire Extinguishers
06-70 Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems for Use In Galley Ventilating Equipment
04-70 Powder Loads for Lyle Type Line-Throwing Guns
12-69 Special Examination in Lieu of Drydocking for Large Mobile Drilling Units
08-69 Impulse-Projected Rocket Type Line-Throwing Appliances
03-69 Z Nomograph Method of Calculating Available GM
02-69 Submission of Reports for the Shipment and Discharge of Seamen not Shipped or Discharged before a Shipping Commissioner; Information Concerning
01-69 Automated Main and Auxiliary Machinery
08-68 Classification of Vessels as Self-Propelled
07-68 Notes on Inspection and Repair of Steel Hulls
04-68 CANCELED/SUPERSEDED by NVIC 9-99 Protective Protective Equipment Required for Fireman's Outfit
03-68 Tensile Fasteners
03-67 Alteration of Ship's Structure which may Affect the Adequacy of Installed Safety Devices
1-66 Requirements for Hull Structural Steel-Structural Continuity
10-65 Stability Determination Capsizing Cases Involving Uninspected Vessels
01-65 w/ encl. 1 24.0' x 8.0' x 3.58' Steel Lifeboats with Removable Interiors, Oar Propelled (App. No. 160.035/398/0), Hand-Propelled (App. No. 160.035/411/0), and Motor-Propelled (App.No. 160.035/412/0), Manufactured by Welin Davit & Boat, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Replacement of Short Breast Plates
11-63 w/ encl. 1 LSTs as Unmanned Barges; Structural Reinforcement and Drydocking; Hull Inspection Requirements
02-63 w/ encl. 1 Guide for Inspection and Repair of Lifesaving Equipment
02-62 Watertight Bulkheads in All Inspected Vessels Maintenance of Watertight Integrity
10-60 Placards, Forms and Instructions Required to be Posted Aboard Vessels, Alternative Materials and Methods
07-56 Manned LSTs; Structural Reinforcement and Drydocking; Hull Inspection Requirements
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