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National Vessel Documentation Center

PDF, Fax, and Mailing Information


Regulations that became effective 31 October 2007 eliminated the need to file original bills of sale, mortgages, and related instruments with the U.S. Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC). Such instruments may be filed by facsimile (fax) or in portable document format (.pdf) as attachments to email without the need to follow up with originals. Regardless of method, please do not make multiple submissions. Duplicate application fees will not be refunded.

Regulation Information

The new rules were published in the Federal Register on 02 August 2007, (72 FR 42310) and are incorporated in 46 CFR 67.218 and 67.219.

Filing Requirements

All instruments filed by fax, mail, or as .pdf attachments must be 8 1/2 X 11 and no smaller than 10 point type.

E-mail address (for filing .pdf instruments):
NOTE: The size of the attachment cannot exceed 10 MB.

Fax Number:
(304) 271 2405.

Mailing Address:
USCG/National Vessel Documentation Center
792 TJ Jackson Dr.
Falling Waters, WV 25419


Application fees remain $8 per page for bills of sale and instruments in the nature of a bill of sale; $4 per page for mortgages and related instruments; and, $8 per page for notices of claim of lien and related instruments. There is no charge for filing a release or satisfaction of a mortgage or notice of claim of lien. The $2 surcharge for fax filing has been eliminated. Fees for other services remain unchanged. The credit card information should be sent with the submission. Application fees are non-refundable.

Other considerations:

There is no guarantee of security for social security numbers, financial data, or credit card numbers when using the email site. Fax filings, however, go to a machine with limited access. Persons filing by e-mail may fax credit card information to 304 271 2415 with a copy of the e-mail to ensure that the payment is matched with the e-mail filing and to avoid processing delays.


The sender's fax terminal will provide confirmation of delivery and the number of pages transmitted. Senders of e-mail submissions may request "delivery" and "read" receipts which are automatically generated by their computers. If NVDC confirmation for an e-mail filing is desired, the e-mail must bear the legend "RECEIPT REQUESTED." When such a receipt is requested, the NVDC will provide an e-mail response indicating the number of pages received. Please note that there is occasional repagination in .pdf files sent electronically.

For security reasons, all e-mail (but not the attachments) is automatically converted to plain text before delivery to the NVDC.

Thank you for visiting the NVDC.

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