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National Vessel Documentation Center

30 May 2014:

Starting Monday 2 June 2014, the NVDC will reinstitute the issuing of Temporary Certificates of Documentation (TCODs) for recreational vessels. Our goal is to issue TCODs to all our recreational customers who have an application pending as of 30 May 2014, as quickly as possible, but before 10 June, provided their applications (CG-1258) are completely and accurately filled out; the owner(s) meet the citizenship requirements; there is title evidence; there is evidence of removal from foreign registry, if applicable; the application fee is paid; and the form is properly signed by the managing owner or managing owner's rep. TCODs will be sent directly to the managing owner's mailing address as listed on the CG-1258. For applications received after 30 May, our intent is to issue a TCOD if it meets the above listed requirements, as quickly as possible.

16 April 2014:

Starting Thursday 17 April, the NVDC'S phones will not be manned on Thursdays and customers will not be able to leave a message.

This action is being taken in order to allow the NVDC to focus on the reduction of instrument backlogs that are secondary to Initial and Reissue COD backlogs. Telephones will continue to be manned as normal on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm local time and customers will be able to leave voice messages from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm local time.

26 February 2014:

As part of NVDC's continuous process improvement effort, customers will now receive automated e-mail notifications for .pdf instruments filed through

In order to facilitate this process, we request all e-mails be sent formatted in plain text, without .html generated signature blocks or pre-set features (such as decorative backgrounds or company logos) and remind customers that only .pdf documents will be accepted (no .docs, .docx, .xls, etc.). Additional attachments generated as part of an .html e-mail will be removed, but should not negatively affect submissions.

E-mail responses with the Subject line: "National Vessel Documentation Center - Submission Received" indicates the submission was successful and requires no further action.

E-mail responses with the Subject line: "National Vessel Documentation Center - Submission Not Accepted" indicates the submission does not meet the .pdf format requirement. Details will be included in the body of the e-mail, such as "The attached file 'image001.jpg' is invalid because it is not in PDF format." Customers receiving this message are advised to review submissions, ensure all attachments are in the correct format, and re-send.

Temporary COD Information

Check this page for the latest updates.

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