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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I properly fill out the Declaration of Dangerous Goods?

If you pack samples in accordance with the MSL Sampling and Transmittal Guide, the declaration’s “Nature and Quantity of Dangerous Goods” block should look like this:

UN1268 / Petroleum products, n.o.s. / 3 / II / 1 fiberboard box x 1L* / Y341 / Ltd. Qty.

*1L is the maximum allowable limit (eight 4oz. jars) per box. (If you want to be precise, multiply # of 4oz. jars x .12L)

What type of box should I use?

A 10 x 10 x 10 box fits eight 4oz. jars inside four cardboard tubes with enough space for absorbent cushioning material.

*Note 1: eight 4oz. jars equal a volume capacity of .96 Liters (less than 1 Liter) which qualifies for 'LIMITED QUANTITY' shipments of UN1268 Petroleum Products, N.O.S./Class 3/Packing Group II.

*Note 2: An inner packaging LINER (i.e.: plastic bag) for all contents inside box is REQUIRED).

What activity number do I put on the Letter of Request and Chain of Custody?

Use the MISLE Incident Investigation activity.

What are some common discrepancies on the Chain of Custody (COC)?

  1. The “Sample Number”' blocks on the top section do not exactly match corresponding “Sample Number(s)” blocks on the bottom section. This leaves room for misinterpretation. Please designate samples simply (i.e.: 1, 2, 3, etc.) instead of long strings of MISLE activity numbers attached to initials and/or 3 digit sample numbers (i.e.: 3576895JP001, 3576895JP002, 3576895JP003, etc.)
  2. Missing sampler Name and/or Signature. Due to unaccountability of samples, the COC gets sent back to the originating unit if missing signatures.
  3. Samples not relinquished to the MSL on COC. New COC format now has a “Transfer to MSL” designated section.
Last Modified 10/31/2014