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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: North American Emission Control Area (ECA)

Question - What blocks on the Certificate of Compliance (COC) form must be filled out for an LPG carrier that holds an International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) Noxious Liquid Substance (NLS) Certificate in addition to the Certificate of Fitness (CoF)?

Answer - When issuing a COC to a LPG/C, the only block that should be checked under the heading "Vessel is authorized to carry into or from US ports" is the 2nd block out of the four (The products listed on the Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage...).  In all situations, the cargos listed on the IOPP NLS Certificate will be listed on the CoF with conditions noted on the Subchapter "O" Endorsement.

The governing document for consideration in our issuance of the COC for an LPG/C is the CoF, not the NLS certificate (because all NLS cargoes are listed in the International Gas Carrier (IGC)/Gas Carrier (GC) Codes and have to be referenced on the CoF).

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Last Modified 1/12/2016