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Security Levels

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Staff Subject Matter Expert Responsibilities

Current listing of Subject Matter Experts located at the CSNCOE:

IMO CDR Randy Jenkins
National Technical Advisor LCDR Eric Jesionowski
FPVE Process Guide Mr. Scott Elphison
Plan Review
Machinery Systems
Podded Propulsion Systems
ADA Access
FPVE PQS Mr. Brad Schoenwald
Structural Fire Protection
Ship Design and Construction
Active Fire Protection
Bridge Resource Management
Public Affairs Liaison Mr. Jason Yets
AVPVE Course Administration
CSNCOE Newsletter
Cruise Line Industry and Organization
FPV Exam Drills
Security / ISPS / CVSSA
Mass Rescue Operations
Electrical Engineering Systems Mr. Dan Brehm
MISLE Oversight
FPV Exam Process
Pre and Post FPV Exam Processes
Last Modified 6/19/2015