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Training Initiatives & Programs

CSNCOE ASSESSMENT PROGRAMThe CSNCOE is pleased to announce the roll-out of our voluntary FPVE assessment program.  During FY2014 our staff is available to evaluate the proficiency of the examiners in conducting exams in accordance with policy/TTP.  This ISO based approach will help promote proficiency around the world in regards to the way annual and periodic exams are conducted.  With a unit assessment, we incorporate the newly developed Basic Training in conjunction with an assessment.  With this heightened level of proficiency that the FPVE program encourages, ship captains can now rely on the exam process to be consistent whether their ship is examined in Alaska, Los Angeles, Miami,  New York or any other port the ships calls upon.  If you would like the CSNCOE to visit your unit, please contact national technical advisor, LCDR Eric Allen, at to schedule an assessment.

Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) – The CSNCOE has been working vigorously over the last year to incorporate the work instruction for periodic and annual exams into a formal TTP.  We are pleased to announce that after months of hard work, the new TTP is complete and approved.  The countless hours of hard work that everyone has dedicated to this project have resulted in an “all-inclusive” how-to for the exam process.  This TTP has been linked in the revised PQS, ensuring that both new documents align with each other, to ensure that qualifying individuals, when using the TTP in conjunction with the PQS, can rely on the documents to “flow” together.  This instruction is available at the TTP library collaboration page on CGPortal.


Last Modified 3/11/2015