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Security Levels

National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) check current status

Safety Alerts and Bulletins Specific to Cruise Ships

Engine Room Operations**NEW**

USCG Marine Safety Information Bulletin 02-15 New Emission Control Area (ECA) Sulfur Cap Started January 01, 2015**NEW**

Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel Oil Compliance with MARPOL Requirements**NEW**

Air Draft Is Critical

Unannounced Examinations of Cruise Ships in 2014

USCG Marine Safety Information Bulletin 39-13 MARPOL Annex V – Wider Caribbean
Region Special Area

Clarification of Implementation Date and Notice of Arrival
Requirements for Nontank Vessel Response Plan Final Rule

USCG Marine Safety Alert 08-14 Dynamic Positioning System Failure on Vessels other than Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (Vessels)

USCG Marine Safety Alert 03-14 Failure of Hand Portable Fire Extinguisher

USCG Marine Safety Alert 09-13 Bridge Resource Management in Pilotage Waters

USCG Marine Safety Alert 06-13 Termination of its 2 MHZ Distress Watchkeeping Service

NTSB Safety Alert: Mariners: Improve Your Chances of Survival When Abandoning Ship

USCG Marine Safety Alert 03-13 Surge Protective Devices Onboard Vessels

USCG Marine Safety Alert 01-13 Counterfeit Portable Fire Extinguishers

USCG Marine Safety Alert 07-11 Listen & Live / Develop & Follow Smart Safety Procedures

USCG Marine Safety Alert 06-11 Mustang Survival PFD Recall Notice

USCG Marine Safety Alert 04-11 Mariner’s Safety Endangered when VHF Radio Distress Alerts by Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Lack Location and Identification Information

USCG Marine Safety Alert 03-11 Providing CPR – No Time To Waste

USCG Marine Safety Alert 01-11 Inspection Of Fuel Oil Quick-Closing Valves

USCG Marine Safety Alert 10(a)-10 Wrong Directions- A Recipe For Failure (1 of 2)

USCG Marine Safety Alert 10(b)-10 Simple Failures Render CO2 System Inoperative (2 of 2)

USCG Marine Safety Alert 05-10 AIS Text Messaging Concerns- Usage During Navigation And Emergencies And Ensuring Accurate AIS Data

USCG Marine Safety Alert 05-09 Fixed CO2 system alert

MAIB Safety Bulletin 2/2011 Malfunction of a proximity switch, which resulted in failure of a fall wire with the loss of one life on the car carrier Tombarra

MAIB Safety Bulletin 4/2010 Catastrophic failure of a capacitor and explosion on board the passenger cruise vessel RMS Queen Mary 2




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