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Electronic Navigation Division


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1. Under the direction and supervision of the Chief, Office of Navigation Systems, the Chief, Electronic Navigation Division shall:

a. Serve as the Program Manager for the Electronic Navigation (e-Nav) and the Vessel Traffic Management (VTM) Programs. e-Nav includes radionavigation, AIS, charting and dissemination of marine information. VTM includes liaison responsibilities with CG7 on matters pertaining to VTS policy. 

b. Develop, review and evaluate all national and service-wide plans, policies, procedures, standards, and resource and training requirements necessary for program execution and performance.

c. Initiate, review and evaluate program related analyses and RDT&E projects. Coordinate with the USCG Academy engineering faculty/staff to sponsor academic research projects/studies in support of programmatic execution and performance goals. 

d. Develop program measures of effectiveness and analyze relevant data and alternatives required to support budgetary and policy decisions necessary to achieve program goals, including those under the authority of the Ports and Waterways Safety Act. 

e. Provide guidance to operational and support commanders on the allocation of resources and priorities to achieve program goals. 

f. Provide programmatic input to facility management processes, including such areas as operational performance standards, command and control functions, data capture and analysis, training, acquisition, geographic distribution and readiness. 

g. Monitor and guide the preparation of legislative proposals and regulations dealing with the program's area of responsibility. 

h. Act as the Coast Guard portfolio manager for paper charts. 

i. Review and comment on National Transportation Safety Board and marine casualty investigations involving electronic navigation or charting issues. 

j. Coordinate Coast Guard input to the Federal Radionavigation Plan and the Joint Chiefs of Staff Master Navigation Plan.  

k. Coordinate Coast Guard involvement and interests in radionavigation and Vessel Traffic Management systems. 

l. Serve as:

(1)  U.S. delegate to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Safety of Navigation Subcommittee;

(2)  Coast Guard representative to the IALA e-Nav Committee;

(3)  The Coast Guard representative on DoT Navigation Working Group and other Federal committees which are concerned with the development of national plans and policies for radionavigation services; and

(4)  Member of the DHS Position Navigation and Timing (PNT) workgroup.

Primary Mission Areas:

Global Positioning System

Differential GPS

Nationwide DGPS

Long Range Identification and Tracking

Automatic Identification System

Nationwide AIS (NAIS)

Electronic Navigation & Charting


Services & Reporting

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Receive NANU Updates

Report a GPS Problem

Report a DGPS Problem

Report an LRIT Problem

Report an NAIS Problem


Maritime Information

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

Marine Safety Information Broadcasts

Maritime Telecommunications

Nav Pubs and Documents

Vessel Traffic Services

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