Security Levels


  National Threat Level: Elevated


Operational Risk Management for Facility and Vessel Inspectors Job Aid

Gulf Strike Team Bulletin Supplement
Responder Awareness - North American Crude Oil Shipments 

CG Safety Policies relating to Facility and Vessel Inspection Operations

Additional Safety/Occupational Health Reference Material

Units that need to request HSWL SC assistance in determining occupational hazards and possible exposures should contact their District SEHO office directly for any/all support. POC information listed:

HSWL SC Safety Program Templates

Marine Safety PPE and workspace needs

Units should provide locker spaces to maintain PPE, and contracted or on-site dedicated laundry facilities for keeping coveralls and gloves clean.

Gloves. Leather or synthetic.  Should be washed weekly.

Protective GlovesProtective Gloves 2Protective Gloves 3

Safety glasses or goggles.

Safety GlassesSafety Goggles

Respirator (only if required entry & all other protective measures have been exhausted.  Must meet RPP requirements & have local SEHO approval.  MSM CH-14, app D, #10.

RespiratorRespirator 2

Hard hat, backpack, PFD, work boots, jackets, etc should be stored in dedicated areas at the unit, to avoid contamination with office equipment & personal clothing/gear.


4 Gas meter. NOTE each meter must be charged before taking into the field, calibrated within 90 days, bump tested BEFORE use and sensors properly set for alarms.  Units needing assistance (at no cost) should contact:

Monitor  Monitor 2

Hearing Protection.

Single Hearing Protection at 85 dBA. Double hearing protection at levels greater than 104 dBA.

Hearing Protection 1  Hearing Protection 2Hearing Protection 3


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